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The single most important factor to having a successful WEB Site
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Our technology architecture is based upon Microsoft Internet Information server (Windows 2000 Servers), Active Server Pages and the MS SQL high performance data base.

All applications use robust Server side logic and client processing is normally restricted to forms checking, active menu bars or specialized graphics processing.

All the applications are proven by existing customers and are tested on both the last 2 versions of the Netscape and Internet Explorers Browsers.

During the installation phase our clients are constantly monitoring the process and providing continual feedback on the design and functionality features required.

An important element is the loading of the clients data which we achieve by building specific "loaders" to avoid as much manual entry as possible, and automate the loading and updating of the clients existing data into the Internet Server.

Demonstration Systems

The following links will take you to either the clients WEB site or prototype demonstration systems we developed. Take the time to review the functionality of the interactive systems we provided.

Travel Agency Package:
A very large 4 level hierarchy site using many of our software modules.

Licitation Search and Subscription System:
Site providing secure access for clients to search licitation details.

Fashion Jewelry:
Customer Site with 3 level product hierarchy and related accessories.

Mexico Real Estate:
Real Estate Site using 3 level hierarchy for browsing.

Cuernavaca Real Estate:
Another (larger) real estate Site using both browse and direct search facilities.

Mexico Real Estate:
This site incorporates loan simulators, direct search, client subscription module and more.

Metal Braceletes:
Browse, promotions, shipping for Indentification Products.

Medical Book Shop:
Medical book shop using search, promotions, subscriptions and more.

Product Catalog:
Demonstration system developed for a catalog of pumps and accessories.

Loan Calculator:
Loan simulator demonstration developed for a leading financial institution.

Cancun Adult Resort:
Demonstration system showing a Hotel Reservation System.

Events System:
A look at the events module.

Clothes Shop:
A few changes to our product catalog module to suit a fashion supplier.

Magazine System:
An on-line magazine system fully controlled by the software module.

Jewelry shop:
Our product catalog system showing a jewelry store.

Site Statistics:
All our sites include detailed statistics reporting.

Q and A System:
Build on-line questionnaires, with different answers displaying different responses.

Shipping Module:
Calculate shipping costs to any part of the world with multiple courier options.

Travel Guide Magazine:
The magazine module - with a different layout.

Acapulco Hotel - El Mirador:
Using the reservation System